Somewhere over the rainbow
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Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 20 August 2009 13:08

Today we have chosen some tunes for portfolio. It is much nicer to go through pictures with some background music. At first we have put about 15 songs into a player, we have had a second though, we took most of the song back due to size, and serwer transfers, (4MB per song each user at least 1 song times 100 users a day = Kalina help please. Again i am talking too much off topic. Somehere over the rainbow song stuck in my head so deep that i can't get over it. I am humming it over and over again just like our Damian's songs from pre-school. There is something about those simple tunes, you just can't stop humming. And it is contageous cause Izabela is humming as well now. I invite you to listen. When i have developed musical momentum, i couldn't stop looking for some more first dance songs. Huge choice. phi, phi Somewhere over the rainbow.

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