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Sunday, 28 June 2009 13:14

Why we do not buy some old relict of communism car but we buy brand new Germany made of renown brands. They are even smelling with the smell of a new car. So what's wrong with "made in Poland" cars. They have got 4 wheels, they are capable to take your to the places. The answer is simple.

Because we have got good taste and we cannot be satisfied with some junk on the wheels. We can afford to pay for the best quality. Why do we buy wholesale pictures? We can afford the best, but we are pleased with some crappy wholesale pictures which don't have anything to do with art. Photography is en art it can be very beautiful and breathtaking but on the other hand it can be flat and very common. A person that go around will notice the difference between scent of Tesco deodorant from Dior or Channel perfume. We are buying beautiful houses going abroad for expensive holiday's, but we are satisfied by some scrap meat of somebody else's photography table. Photos are great as long as there is many of them and they are cheep. Standards are set by photographers offering more and more pictures. 1500-2000-2500 bargains of the masters are on.

We are buying wedding photos that should be breath taking long after wedding ceremony, and instead we are buying product that after a glance landing in the deepest drawer in the closet and they are never going to be taken out again. I adore photos of the great photographers regretting that 7 years ago when I was getting married photography was not that important for me. Now when my awareness grew I would take the time back but it is impossible. There is nothing to look at, photos are not worth the second look, i haven't even seen the film. If you swap the heads on the photos they would be the same as my friends photos, identical. Like from photos factory. Now i am wiser but, it is to late now. I can look at the others beautiful photos. Have a look at the picture I adore. Rocco Ancora, Marcus Bell, Jeff Ascough, Jessica Claire, Bartosz Jastal, Yerwant those name in the google browser are the password to the world of beauty photography.

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czerwiec 30, 2009
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Dokadnie tak jak napisae,ja te mog si pod tym podpisa.Jak braam lub dwa lata temu szukaam fotografa,ktry zrobi nam niebanalne,niepowtarzalne zdjcia.Nie udao si,moe le szukaam :( za to teraz wiem kogo bym wybraa.Miao by tak piknie ,a wyszo jak zawsze,a szkoda...

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