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Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 14 May 2009 20:07

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Today, not so much about the photography but more about other aspects of our live. In highly developed countries extreme sports are very popular for years. From snorkelling through banji jumping, base jumping, sky diving etc. a lot of people is realising their passion for adrenaline overdosing. Polish people have got different way of getting high doses of adrenaline. it's speeding on bad polish roads. When i have lived in England many times i have heard a sentence i totaly agree with. "Driving is for most of us most dangerous thing we do in our lives". I have seen a lot of dangerous driving today. One accident happened luckily no one died. I know that sole fact that i wrote that here does not change a thing. There will be no pictures here today although we've had a camera on us, but we are not hyenas. People wake up, think, people die on the streets because of speeding.

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